Fillings and Crowns

Our beautiful restorations are works of art made with love to stand the test of time.

Fillings and Crowns

Our busy lifestyles can lead to tooth decay and even healthy diets can lead to damage on the teeth, such as surface wear, chipping and tooth fractures. Restoring the damage early is important, as well as preventing more damage down the track. Early intervention with a filling or crown can save you tooth structure and money!

Did you know that we can actually heal or stop early decay from progressing further with specific methods? However, if tooth decay has resulted in a cavity, or a tooth has been damaged for another reason, it is important to restore the tooth quickly. Deferring treatment comes with negative consequences: The damage often progresses to the point of the tooth needing either more extensive treatment or even extraction.

So, if your tooth is damaged, our dentists will likely recommend fillings or crowns to restore your tooth to full function and aesthetics.

Why choose Better Dental to restore your teeth?

With our dentists, you don’t just get an ordinary filling or crown. You get a carefully designed, aesthetically pleasing, and anatomically correct restoration. We only choose the highest quality products, and apply our artistic skill and technical expertise so that the dental restoration becomes invisible and blends perfectly into your smile, or even improve it!

Great aesthetics

We match our restorations to your natural tooth colour, surface texture and patterns so that it blends in perfectly with the rest of your teeth and smile.

We preserve your tooth structure

Our minimally invasive approach save your natural tooth structure which results in smaller fillings and crowns, making your tooth last longer overall, and saves you money.

Our restorations feel like they belong

We take great care in not only creating restorations of the highest quality, but that they integrate perfectly into your mouth, feel smooth and comfortable to the tongue and have the right shape, just like a natural tooth would look.

Our fillings and crowns last

Our exceptionally skilled dentists pride themselves in creating long lasting restorations. We have a wide range of choices of materials, so the right material and technique can be applied to your teeth. Our crowns and fillings need to be replaced less often, saving you time, money and tooth.

Comfortable treatments

We are experts and making your dental treatment comfortable. Our local anaesthetic injections are virtually pain-free and we talk you through each step and what to expect, so you know exactly what is going on. We take pictures of your teeth so you can see your beautiful new tooth in HD!

Gag-free optical scanning technology with PRIMESCAN and CEREC

Impressions for crowns now take seconds and are done with a special camera that records a highly precise digital model of your teeth, so no funny tastes in your mouth!


Fillings are can be made of different materials and they all fill in defects in your teeth and are best suited for small to medium sized defects. They are matched in colour to your existing teeth, making them blend in perfectly. We shape and polish them up to a high gloss finish, so that both your tongue and your eyes will have trouble spotting the filling.

Our patients describe the process as pain-free and comfortable and love how great the tooth looks and feels afterwards. You can listen to your favourite music, listen to our dentist explain each step, or simply watch a video during the procedure.

Fillings are needed in the following situations:

  • Tooth decay

  • Small to medium size defects

  • Chipped and fractured teeth

  • Larger defects underneath a crown

  • Changing the shape or colour of a tooth


Crowns, or sometimes referred to as "caps", can consist of different materials and different extents of covering a tooth. A crown is a typically ceramic type of cap cemented permanently onto a damaged tooth, which has been shaped to look exactly like a tooth, matched to your other teeth in size, shape, colour and texture. The main difference to a filling is that a crown is used to restore larger defects or cracked teeth that are at risk of splitting. Sometimes a filling is needed underneath the crown, if the damage to the tooth had been extensive or close to the nerve.

Crowns are needed in the following situations:

  • After extensive damage of a tooth

  • As part of a fixed bridge to replace a missing tooth

  • To protect a cracked tooth

  • To protect a root canal treated tooth

  • To disguise a misshaped or discoloured tooth

  • As part of a full mouth rehabilitation program


Frequently asked questions.

Let us help answer the most common questions you might have.

We only numb you when we expect that you would feel discomfort otherwise, but you certainly always have the choice. Our dentist are very good at checking if you need numbing but estimating how deep and how close the filling is in relation to the nerve. In short, we look out for your comfort and there are many situations where you don’t need numbing!

They all describe restorations which fill defects in teeth or protect teeth with artificial material. The differences are the size of the restorations and the materials they are made of.

Our dentist will select the best materials for your mouth and your particular tooth and present you with different options, discussing the pros and cons of each.

Yes, we offer all types of crowns and both ceramic and non-ceramic fillings! Our dentists always take the minimally invasive approach, which results in saving as much of your natural tooth structure as possible! Where other dentists would always suggest crowns, our dentists will only suggest a larger restoration if you really need it — saving you tooth and money.

Yes! With the latest Primescan CEREC technology, our dentists design, create and cement your crown permanently to your tooth all in one visit, no temporary restorations needed! It’s the highest precision optical scanner, so no funny taste from impression materials in your mouth either! Just comfortable, warm and fast digital modelling of your teeth.

We only use the highest quality of materials of the most reliable brands. We source raw materials for our ceramics from Germany, Japan and the USA.

Restore your smile.

Our crowns (and fillings) are fit for kings and queens!

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